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Editing Videos

For the students that have a working spot it is possible to post an unlimited number of videos, but I do have a request to edit the videos and to keep each video to a maximum of 2-3 minutes.


Editing Videos

When editing your video, I would like the video to start when the dog starts going towards the target, plank or dog walk.
And I would like it to end a few seconds after you started rewarding, this way it is possible for me to see if you were on time with marking the correct behavior and how enthusiastic you were with rewarding.
The exception is the part where we will be ‘shaping’ the target, here you can leave longer parts in between.


Name the Reward

For every attempt (for when the dog runs over the target) please explain how you have rewarded.
Do this by using the number of the attempt and how you have rewarded.

  • No reward (NR)
  • Reward (R)
  • Jackpot (JP)

So if it was the dog’s 4th attempt and it was a jackpot reward, then please write 4-JP

I am aware that editing videos is something that takes time, but to get the most out of this course it is important that it is clear for both yourself and for me. This way when I talk about your video when giving feedback, it is clear for both of us exactly which attempt I am referring to.

Uploading Video’s

I would prefer if you publish videos on either vimeo or youtube (as private), this way I can also view the videos in slow motion.
After you have uploaded the videos, then please post them in the Forum under your own Topic.

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